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A Full Range of Fishbowl Inventory Solutions

Yes, we install Fishbowl Inventory. But that’s just the start of how we can help you! TaraByte can also provide expert assistance with a host of solutions that integrate with Fishbowl. Streamline your processes, stay more connected with your customers, and get the powerful custom Fishbowl reports you need to manage and grow your business.


Get expert assistance making important changes to QuickBooks after adding Fishbowl to your system.

 EDI Services

Keep data flowing between you and your partners with our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services.


Create your perfect report structure and get the information you need to track, manage and grow!


Eliminate manual tasks associated with shipping. Plus, we can integrate Fishbowl with a number of shipping packages.

 CRM Integration

Get Connected! Connect Fishbowl to your existing CRM Program, or implement one now.


Let a Fishbowl Guru get your system properly installed and running smoothly for you.


Link your Fishbowl database to this powerful quoting tool that streamlines the quoting process.

 3rd Party Logistics

Eliminate duplicate data entry by connecting Fishbowl with your warehouse

3 Great Reasons to use Fishbowl

Whether you are a wholesale distributor, light manufacturer, service company, franchise location or warehouse manager, your business will benefit from Fishbowl’s inventory software and mobile inventory management:

  1. Inventory management can have a profound effect on your business’ bottom line.
  2. By combining QuickBooks and Fishbowl you can achieve maximum efficiency and profit for minimum costs.
  3. Fishbowl Inventory makes it possible for small and mid-size companies to have the level of flexible and mobile inventory control solutions that large organizations enjoy.

As your Fishbowl Inventory partner, we can help you with:

Whether you are trying to simplify operations, make decisions, or impress your customers, we are here to help you!

Custom Fishbowl Reports will help you make an impact.

Learn More

Wondering how you can get your QuickBooks sales history into Fishbowl? We are experts in getting your data seamlessly into Fishbowl.

Messy databases and incorrect information can cause huge problems and take away from your profits. We’ll start by taking a look at your current data to make sure everything is correct, help fix errors, check customer and vendor data and when all is ready start the process of migrating your data

As Fishbowl experts there is nothing we love more than getting the software installed and implemented into your company.

Once we understand your needs 100%, we’ll schedule your implementation which includes several components like; importing customers, vendor, inventory and other info from your existing accounting package into Quickbooks, setting up users, customizing reports and integrating QuickBooks with 3rd party applications.

Eliminate the mystery! Our Controller’s Toolbox contains the Essential Accounting Reports you’ve been looking for.

Get the transparency you need for every debit and credit sent to QuickBooks from Fishbowl Inventory.


Ready to take your inventory management to the next level?


One of our Fishbowl Inventory and QuickBooks experts will be happy to help.
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