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Tracking and nurturing your customers, conversions & leads will help drive you through the sales cycle and give you the power to manage your business with ease.

We can integrate your system with popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) packages such as Sales Force and Quote Werks, giving you the power to organize, automate and synchronize sales processes.

Fishbowl Integration with Salesforce

  • Once the opportunity is finalized, the opportunity is flagged and the integration downloads the opportunity as an order in Fishbowl
  • The related customer data will also be downloaded/updated at this time
  • After the order is fulfilled (shipped) in Fishbowl the integration will write back to Sales Force the following; Shipment tracking information and Sales Order/Opportunity Fulfillment status
  • The integration will also update the Quantities available for sale in Sales Force


Compatible Sales Force Editions – Enterprise, Ultimate, Developer or Professional Edition + Purchase of the API for the Professional Edition.